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 This Week at MSW
Child Care-9:30AM Sunday Mass-Room 107
Children's Liturgy of the Word-9:30AM & 11AM Sunday Mass-Annex

04/20 Scripture Meditation-6:30PM-Ministry Center-Chapel-North Room

04/22 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

04/23 Family Faith Weaving-10:45-Wisdom Hall

04/23 Young Adult Ministered Mass / Blessing of Expectant Parents-11AM-Church

04/23 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

04/25 Salt & Light Ministry-Mom's Prayer Group-7PM-Ministry Center-South Room-Chapel

04/25 Coping and Support with Aging Parents-7PM-Ministry Center-Living Room

04/25 AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room

04/26 Baby-Toddler Play Group-9:30AM-Ministry Center-Playroom

04/26 Individual Reconciliation-6PM-Church

04/26 Centering Prayer-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

04/29 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

04/30 Park Ridge Day of Service-9AM to 5PM-Barry Gym-Wisdom Hall

04/30 Teen Ministered Senior Appreciation Mass-11AM-Church

04/30 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

05/02 Salt & Light Ministry-Mom's Prayer Group-7PM-Ministry Center-South Room-Chapel

05/02 From Conflict to Communion-7PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

05/0AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room


Lector Ministry

Mission StatementLector_2w

The lector ministry facilitates Mary Seat of Wisdom’s public prayer in proclaiming God’s Word during Mass.   This is done by engaging the hearts and minds of parishioners and bringing the various elements of the Liturgy of the Word into harmony so that Christ speaks to the assembly fully, consciously, and actively through each lector.


This ministry assists worshipers to understand that the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist are the essential equal elements of Mass.  Additionally, the goal is for the faithful to experience in the Liturgy Christ who “is present” in His Word, “since it is He Himself who speaks when Holy Scriptures are read in Church.”  (Vatican Council II, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Art. 7)


  • To train lectors to proclaim scripture readings with great joy and energy, using proper public speaking techniques and a faith awareness
  • To develop a faith awareness in worshipers so that they understand that each lector stands in the place of Christ
  • To guide lectors in the careful and prayerful preparation of the scriptures through focused preparation and use of the lector workbook
  • To foster personal reflection and, thereby, the spiritual growth that can come from a deeper understanding of God’s Word


  • Try-outs and training for candidates are scheduled as needed
  • Lectors, who range in age from high school students to senior citizens, are assigned on a rotating schedule to the Mass of their choice
  • During each church year, the Lector Ministry hosts either evenings of reflection or a workshop for lectors
  • The parish hosts a gathering for all liturgical ministers that includes a presentation designed to enrich each lector’s liturgical role and also provides hospitality

Contact InformationLector_3w

For questions or more information contact co-ministry leaders Susan Schaefer or Mel Lund-Michel
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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