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This Week at MSW
Child Care-9:30AM Sunday Mass-Room 107
Children's Liturgy of the Word-9:30AM & 11AM Sunday Mass-Annex

06/24 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

06/25 Fr. Tim's Farwell Reception-11AM-Barry Gym

06/25 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

06/27 Salt & Light Ministry-Mom's Prayer Group-7PM-Ministry Center-South Room-Chapel

06/27 Coping and Support with Aging Parents-7PM-Ministry Center-Living Room

06/27 AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room

06/28 Individual Reconciliation-6PM-Church

06/28 Centering Prayer-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

07/01 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

07/02 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

07/04 July 4th Holiday-Parish Facilities Closed

07/05 Individual Reconciliation-6PM-Church

07/05 Centering Prayer-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

07/08 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

07/09 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge



Liturgical Preparation and Celebration Ministry

Mission Statement

The Liturgical Preparation and Celebration Ministry plans and coordinates details of all major liturgies on Sundays and Feast Days, setting the spirit for community worship according to the Church’s liturgical documents and calendar.

Goal and Objectives

This ministry draws parishioners into the mystery of Christ through liturgies that unite worshipers to one another in Christ and that energize them spiritually.  This goal reflects the Parish Vision Statement which declares: “We choose to celebrate our relationship with Christ and the Church through prayerful and life-giving liturgies.”

The Ministry strives to:

  • Increase liturgical ministers’ awareness of their relationship with Christ and the Church.
  • Bring staff and leaders of liturgical ministries together to decide on themes and concerns.
  • Assure that all liturgical ministries coordinate their functions in a harmonious manner.
  • Provide guidelines and information to liturgical preparation teams to enable them to be more effective in accomplishing their tasks.
  • Provide information and background to liturgical ministers for a deeper understanding of liturgical worship.
  • Collaborate with other ministries in developing ways to enhance the liturgy of the Word.


  • Coordinate Sunday liturgies, liturgical ministers, and sacristans.
  • Plan themes and rituals for all liturgies.
  • Assist liturgy planning teams by providing guidelines and information.
  • Plan and conduct an annual dinner and evening of reflection for all liturgical ministers.
  • Publicize liturgical matters for the parish at large.

Contact Information

For further information concerning this ministry, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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