Religious Education Office

Regina Thibeau
Director of Catechesis

Gretchen Spoo
REC Administrative Assistant 

Therese Dysart

Administrator, Catehesis of the Good Shepherd


"Yes, Jesus Loves Me...the Bible Tells Me So!"

~Poem by Anna Bartlett Warner

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is to a week-long program held every summer, designed to carry God’s word to children through age-appropriate work, play, song, and dance, to give the children of the parish and surrounding neighborhoods an experience of community and faith, and to witness the faith growing in our youngest members and their outreach to those in need. Vacation Bible School is presented annually on the parish grounds.At MSW, we utilize a Catholic-specific version of the materials. The program is coordinated through the parish Religious Education Program

Over 125 children attend every year, and nearly 100 adults volunteer to help in some way.  Teens through seniors all lend a hand in this fun and valuable ministry, and willingly come back year after year.