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 This Week at MSW
Child Care-9:30AM Sunday Mass-Room 107
Children's Liturgy of the Word-9:30AM & 11AM Sunday Mass-Annex

04/20 Scripture Meditation-6:30PM-Ministry Center-Chapel-North Room

04/22 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

04/23 Family Faith Weaving-10:45-Wisdom Hall

04/23 Young Adult Ministered Mass / Blessing of Expectant Parents-11AM-Church

04/23 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

04/25 Salt & Light Ministry-Mom's Prayer Group-7PM-Ministry Center-South Room-Chapel

04/25 Coping and Support with Aging Parents-7PM-Ministry Center-Living Room

04/25 AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room

04/26 Baby-Toddler Play Group-9:30AM-Ministry Center-Playroom

04/26 Individual Reconciliation-6PM-Church

04/26 Centering Prayer-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

04/29 Individual Reconciliation-4PM-Church

04/30 Park Ridge Day of Service-9AM to 5PM-Barry Gym-Wisdom Hall

04/30 Teen Ministered Senior Appreciation Mass-11AM-Church

04/30 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

05/02 Salt & Light Ministry-Mom's Prayer Group-7PM-Ministry Center-South Room-Chapel

05/02 From Conflict to Communion-7PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 N Prospect-Park Ridge

05/0AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room


Parish Pastoral Council of Ministries

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Each parish is mandated by the Archdiocese to have a pastoral council. Ours is a very active council with many ministries and organizations. MSW has embraced a council model called Parish Pastoral Council of Ministries (PPCM).

The PPCM is a “wisdom” community, in which the pastor and parish leaders engage in dialogue concerning the parish vision and mission. The PPCM engages in pastoral strategic planning, establishing priority goals and action plans that make the Parish Vision Statement a reality.

The PPCM oversees four commissions:

  • Education Commission ―Comprised of  adult and teen enrichment ministries, school and school-related programs, and the MSW Religious Enrichment Center, this commission provides educational programs and opportunities for parishioners of all ages who want to enhance their understanding and practice of the Catholic faith.
  • Community Life Commission―Comprised of parish life and support ministries, this commission sponsors events and activities which foster parish spirit, promote Christian values in everyday living, and support the parish.
  • Human Concerns Commission―Comprised of social action, concerns, and justice ministries, this commission takes an active stance in giving a helping hand to others and working toward social changes to bring about a more just and compassionate society.
  • Spiritual Life Commission―Comprised of liturgical and spiritual growth ministries, this commission offers opportunities for parishioners to further grow in the Catholic faith, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of liturgies, prayer, and sacraments and strengthening their relationship with Christ and the Church.

The PPCM consists of a Council Chair, a Commission Chair, and a Commission Representative from each of the four Commissions, two deanery representatives plus the Pastor and a staff representative . The “Council” will meet on the 2nd Monday of August, October, December, January, March and May.

A second layer of the PPCM includes all the parish’s ministries. These ministries are
classified in one of the four Commissions. PPCM Commission meetings will be held four times yearly on  the same night in different rooms and are open to members of all seventy parish ministries. Commission meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of Sept., Nov., Feb. and April.   At least two members of each ministry/organization will be invited to attend commission meetings.  The purpose of the Commission Meeting is as follows:

  • To bring ministry leaders and involved ministry members up-to-date about parish priorities and strategic plans as these affect parish ministries.
  • To provide a forum for ministry leaders and core ministry members to exchange ideas on ways ministries can put parish priorities into effect.
  • To offer ways ministry leaders can collaborate and cooperate with one another in implementing parish priorities.
  • To gather ideas and insights to be submitted to the Council for further consideration and deliberation.

The Commission Chair brings prioritized issues in writing to the next council meeting.




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