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The Mission Narrative was created by the Parish Transformation Implementation Team to express MSW’s distinctive character and mission and vision for the future.  The Action Plan will serve as the road map to better realize the Mission Narrative.

We, the community of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, believe that working together as the arms and hands, or branches, of God, we are called to Build Community, Strengthen Catechesis, and Heed the Call to Holiness.

With Mary, the Seat of Wisdom, as our model and guide, we are shown how to quiet ourselves, to nurture those around us, and to hold Christ at our center.  Jesus is Wisdom incarnate.  Wisdom is offered to each of us as a gift of the Holy Spirit; that Wisdom must be nurtured so that it grows and our life on earth prepares us for life that is eternal.

Founded in 1955 in response to the surging population expansion following WWII, Mary, Seat of Wisdom, located in south Park Ridge, close to the Chicago border, was originally comprised of stay-at-home moms and working fathers, many of whom were tradesmen.  The community has grown and currently reflects the demographic changes that Park Ridge has experienced over the last 60 years and now includes many families in which both parents are working professionals.  Acknowledging our parish’s historically strong lay leadership, a creative parish staff and well planned liturgies, and the groundwork laid for religious education for parishioners of all ages, we recognize that our mission as community of believers is to use this foundation to broaden our horizons.

We are called to build our community, to bridge generations and cultural divides, and to reach out to young people and those seeking safe haven.  We are called to strengthen religious education for all the community: to listen to the Gospel stories, to learn church teachings, and to a prayerful conversion of mind and heart so as to be able to live the Gospel in today’s world.  We are called to recognize ourselves as a holy people, baptized as sons and daughters of God, who seek to know the will of God in our lives and then are challenged to live fully a life in Christ.

Our parish’s stained glass windows reinforce the mission for which we have been called.  The windows embrace us each time we gather.  They speak of God’s love for us and call us to be God’s love to others.  In the parable of the Vine and the Branches, chosen as the theme of our balcony window, Jesus tells how intimately we are united to Him; that each of us is a branch of Him. 

We are called to quiet ourselves so as to hear His voice and respond to His call; to build up God’s kingdom on earth within and outside of our parish community; to break open the Word to learn ourselves and to share the Good News with others; and then to help each other on the path to Holiness.

As we leave the church, the balcony window reminds us that in each of our daily interactions, whether at home or in the parking lot, whether driving on the expressway, on the playground, or at the workplace, “Whatever you do in Word or in Work, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.”  



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Mary, Seat of Wisdom
920 W. Granville
Park Ridge, IL 60068