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A group of 7 parishioners was chosen as our Parish Transformation Steering Committee (Brandon Simmons, Katy Simmons, John Solari, HaydeeOlinger, Jamie Purcell, Chris Clark, & Debbie Erickson), and Deacon Bill Smyser was assigned to MSW by the Archdiocese as our Parish Transformation facilitator.  Together, they provided Father Gunderson and the Parish Pastoral Council with the support and assistance needed to successfully journey through the process. 


Parishioners were then invited to participate in weekly Transformation meetings.  Initially, the meetings focused on who we are as a parish (our gifts, our history, our current parish life and ministry, how the area around us is changing, & our challenges and opportunities) and where our parish is being called to go.  Tools utilized included parish demographics as well as feedback from the parish-wide Transformation survey.   Through these small group discussions, we explored the strengths of our parish and to identify areas in parish life and ministry that are ripe for new development.  We also chose three Building Blocks as the foundation for our parish life from which our parish’s mission finds expression.  These Building Blocks are Communio (the union we share with and in Christ), Call to Holiness (discerning what God’s will is for us), and Catechesis (promoting knowledge and practice of the faith). 


Participants then divided into three groups to further explore our Building Blocks through the lenses of Mission (develops specific action plans to more fully live out the parish mission), Education (focuses on the parish school and/or overall education programs to develop steps to more fully support the parish’s common mission), and Finance (analyzes the financial components of the parish and develops plans to establish a strong and viable long-term financial plan to support the mission).  Using the previously identified strengths and areas for improvement, these groups created the goals and objectives that have become our Parish Transformation Action Plan.  This Action Plan will serve as the road map for how our parish can achieve the vision for living the mission to which our parish feels it is being called.   A Mission Narrative was also created to express MSW’s distinctive character and mission and vision for the future: a mission and vision that the Action Plan will serve as the road map to better realize.


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