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This Week at MSW

Child Care-9:30AM & 11:00 AM Mass-Rm 107

Children's Liturgy of the Word-9:30AM & 11AM Mass-Annex (March 1st-Room 103)

Lenten Food Drive-2/18 to 3/26-Gathering Space

02/26 History of Salvation Bible Study-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

02/27 Festival of Forgiveness-Confession-12PM-Church

02/27 Stations of the Cross-6PM-Church

02/28 Fr. Grek Bible Study 10:00AM-Rectory Back Room

02/28 Individual Confessions-4PM-Church 

03/01 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 Prospect Street-Park Ridge

03/03 School of Religion-4:30PM & 6:15PM-School-Church-Gathering Space-Wisdom Hall-Annex

03/03 AA Meeting-8PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room

03/04 Way Back Inn-4:30PM-Annex

03/04 Individual Confessions-6:00PM-Church

03/04 Way Back Inn-6:30PM-Ministry Center-Dining Room

03/04 Centering Prayer-6:45PM-Mininstry Center-Chapel

03/05 History of Salvation Bible Study-6:45PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

03/06 Stations of the Cross-6PM-Church

03/07 Angel Dinner-6PM-Cafe La Cave-Des Plaines

03/07 Fr. Grek Bible Study 10:00AM-Rectory Back Room

03/07 Individual Confessions-4:00PM-Church

03/07 Mission Speaker-5PM Mass-Church

03/08 Mission Speaker at All Masses-Church

03/08 Jesus, Faith and Food-4PM-Ministry Center-Chapel

03/08 Sunday Supper-6PM-St. Luke's Lutheran Church-205 Prospect Street-Park Ridge






Mary, Seat of Wisdom School

(To go directly to the school's website, please click on the logo above.)

Mary, Seat of Wisdom School, a U.S. Department of Eudcation Blue Ribbon Award-winning school,  offers quality Catholic education for students aged 3 to Grade 8.  Our Wee Wisdom program offers half day classes for three and four year-olds as well as full-day Kindergarten.  The Extended Day Program provides safe, nurturing care before and after school.


Mission Statement

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, believing that our children are our greatest resource, is committed to excellence in education and the holistic development of the child.  An integral part of Mary, Seat of Wisdom is the faith community, which actively involves itself in the fostering of Christian values, and serves as a role model of Catholicism in action.  Mary, Seat of Wisdom strives to empower its students with the knowledge, values, and skills which will enable then to become active participants and effective leaders in both the church and world community.


Our Philosophy

We, at Mary, Seat of Wisdom, believe in Catholic education in order for our students to become responsible members of family, Church, parish and society.  It therefore is necessary to integrate faith into their lives and to create an awareness of the needs of others in the broader world community.  We strive to give the necessary skills to develop each student's uniqueness and potential and to encourage academic excellence.

Each parent is the primary source and teacher of life-giving values for the student. This relationship is followed by a partnership of parent, teacher and staff that supports the continued development of these values.  We see active participation in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church as a vital part of the role of the parent.

Children learn best when they feel secure; therefore we believe in the need to build a child's self-direction as well as to foster trust relationships between teacher and student.  We believe each child has his or her own learning style which we address by providing a variety of teaching techniques that actively involve the child in the learning process.  Students are expected to work to their full ability and potential, to show leadership and to be aware of their role within the school community.  As Christian witnesses, they are to assume responsibility and respect for themselves and others.

The role of teacher is to be a model of Catholic Christian values and to create an environment conducive to learning within an atmosphere of openness to the needs of the students.  We encourage students to take risks, accept challenges, and profit from their mistakes.  All of these are a natural part of the learning experience.

We, the faculty, believe we must prepare the student for the challenge of future academic and life endeavors.  To meet this challenge there is on-going review and updating of curriculum and methods to enable us to meet the needs of the whole child - intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.  Critical thinking, use of technology, and self-direction are fostered, preparing the student to function in society.  Catholic Christian values are instilled throughout the curriculum along with programs that prepare students for the sacraments.

We believe in the formation, education and clarification of our Christian values in an ever-changing world.  It is our task to cultivate these values of peace, justice, service and stewardship in our students by modeling for them and by teaching as Christ taught.  We make a concerted effort to be aware of and consider unique family situations.  The teaching of Christian values and beliefs permeates the entire curriculum and the entire day.


For more information on our parish school programs, the Board of Specified Jurisdiction, Family-School Association, MSW Athletics or Alumni Association, please visit our school web page using the link  above.




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